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At many applications like ventilation, exhaust and air-conditioning systems, it is necessary to measure flow velocity, mass flow as well as the temperature of the medium to ensure an energy efficient operation of the unit.

The 3 measuring ranges of this sensor (0 … 2.5 m/s, 0 … 10 m/s and 0 … 20 m/s) have been tailored for the HVAC industry but also for other applications.

Easy-to-install: The HVAC 100 with its 360° measuring head does not have to be aligned to the flow direction and can be extended by additional tubes (variable immersion depth). Furthermore this sensor is maintenance-free, robust, long-term stable and easy-to-clean and therefore fulfills the main requirements for an efficient installation process.

The operating status display via LED enables safe operation at a glance and due to the fully integrated evaluation electronics in the sensor tube there are no further transmitters required.


  • Ventilation, exhaust and air-conditioning systems
  • Control of supply air and exhaust air in fume chambers
  • Filter monitoring

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SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor HVAC 100