SCHMIDT Technology

Thermal flow sensor for uni- or bi-directional measurement of the flow rate of air and gases with simultaneous detection of the flow direction. Extremely compact, because electronics are integrated into the sensor tube. Sensor element in the chamber head and protected against mechanical stress. Linear analog output for measured value output, two switching outputs to output the flow direction and threshold. Operating status indication and serial number of the sensor visible on the sensor, even when it is installed. Special version for the laminar-flow monitoring in cleanrooms with quick-mounting system for simple installation in cleanroom ceiling systems and walls.

Option: Monitoring of the speed interval of 0.45 m/s ±20 % (prescribed by official standards) with optical signaling at the sensor (LF status indicator).

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Areas of Application

  • Laminar flow monitoring in clean rooms
  • Flow monitoring in pharmaceutical production, semiconductor manufacturing, food production, LCD manufacturing and optical industry
  • Integration into insulators, FFUs and flow boxes


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