SCHMIDT Technology

SCHMIDT® Flow Switch SS 20.200

The air flow sensor designed in dumbbell technology allows a robust use in dusty and corrosive media. The sensor has an integrated self-monitoring with optical display. Its installation is independent of position. It measures in a 360 ° all-around flow angle.

The application areas are in the monitoring of contaminated air as well as in solvent-containing air. The sensor is used in the production of semiconductors, in spray booths and for the monitoring of transport air velocities. Industrial processes such as drying or cooling air in electronic systems are only extracts of its application. Variable probe lengths and measuring ranges make it an all-rounder.

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.500

The air flow sensor has been developed for use in dust-laden air and gases.

An optimal adaption to the media to be measured leads to accurate measurement results. In addition to the flow velocity the medium temperature is also detected. The sensor is available in ATEX version for use in hazardous applications. The sensor can also be obtained with remote probe. Its application is in paint booths as well as in the control of dilution air in biological decomposition processes, as well as in the measurement of intake air for gas furnaces, air flow monitoring of spray booths, clean room applications, in biogas plants and in waste incineration.

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 23.400 (ATEX)

The air flow sensor significantly increases operating safety in laboratories and clean rooms in the pharmaceutical, food, electronics production technology and spray booths. Its bidirectional measurement of air flows can be used to that, even in depressed region with the smallest air currents (0.05 m/s), the operational safety is continuously maintained. The sensor is equipped with its all-metal design, a design according to GMP. Its scope of application is in the control of overflows and monitoring. For hazardous areas an ATEX version is available.