SCHMIDT Technology

Pressure Wind Tunnel

Pressure Wind Tunnel

With this wind tunnel SCHMIDT® Technology has a unique European balance wind tunnel. This allows standard flow rates of up to 200 m/s are generated, and the sensors are compared and examined under pressure. Its superior flow quality allow reconciliation of the SCHMIDT® High Speed ​​Sensors at the lowest tolerances.

Factory or DAkkS calibration certificate

At the customer SCHMIDT® Technology to each SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor is a factory calibration. Alternatively, we offer to most sensors on a DKD calibration certificate. Please inquire with us. Calibration and expertise already in choosing the right wind tunnel begins the expertise of a manufacturer of flow sensors. All our wind tunnels have been planned meticulously and precisely optimized for your applications. Each new flow sensor from the SCHMIDT® Technology undergoes extensive testing program in the wind tunnel until it is released for use by customers. Behind all this lies a deep understanding of our house on the fluid mechanics of gases and the physical functioning of our flow sensors.

Service-Returns and Declaration on Contamination of Flow Sensors