SCHMIDT Technology

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.261

The air flow sensor is characterized by its chamber head technology, which provides a wide range of applications. It can be used in the flow area from 0.2 to 90 m/s at an overpressure of up to 10 bar. This sensor is designed for demanding applications. The sensor has an integrated self-monitoring with optical display. In addition to the air flow, the temperature is measured as well. Its scope of application is in the compressed air (compressed air management).

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.600

The air flow sensor is designed for the flow rate measurement of gases. Where high gas velocities of special gases occur, the sensor is used in the explosion area. The sensor can also be used for the measurement of compressed air consumption and leakage measurements in compressed air. Flow rates of up to 220 m/s and nominal pressure up to 40 bar are the possible environmental conditions. The sensor can be provided with a remote sensor element up to a length of 10 m. The field of application is in industrial furnaces, in compressed air systems, cooling measurement and in the detection of protective gas quantities.

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 30.300

The air flow sensor is used for flow measurement in compressed air and gases.

A LED display is integrated to show either flow rate, total quantity or medium temperature. The sensor applies in the compressed air consumption measurement, flow measurement of passivation gases, consumption measurement of compressed air tools and air-powered machines.